Who we are?

LOPESTONE – EXTRAÇÃO DE GRANITOS, LDA is a Portuguese company that has as activity the quarrying and marketing of granite.

Our aim is to meet and overcome the needs, regarding granite products, of our clients. We are equipped with sophisticated technology that allow to.

Lopestone is a young company market oriented and able to meet the growing expectations. We have been growing securely, namely trough exportation.

We have 3 quarries, where we can extract the following granites:

  • Amarelo Macieira (yellow granite)
  • Cinza Ariz (grey granite)
  • Azul Limaga (blue granite)

In our quarries we can extract blocks until 10 m3.

This quarries are sited in the counties of Sernancelhe, Moimenta da Beira and Trancoso.


LOPESTONE – EXTRAÇÃO DE GRANITOS, LDA has been established in 2010 to be dedicated to the quarrying and marketing of Portuguese granite.

The milestones of our activity are:

  • 2010 - Lopestone have started the exploration of the Amarelo Macieira quarry.
  • 2014 - we have started a new project of increasing the activity (we have strated the exploration of the Cinza Ariz) and modernization of the extracting process (string investment in new technology).
  • 2015 – the Azul Limaga quarry have been started.

To give consistency to our quality of service and products, Lopestone is a company quality certified (ISSO 9001) by SGS ICS.


Our mission is to create value, employment and contribute to the development of our region.

We aim to develop the quality and to promote our products, namely in the overseas markets, and so maximize the value of our Granite.


Production Process

The granite quarrying process is divided in different phases. Each phase involves different equipment. The process used by Lopestone is the friendliest to the Nature and the one that allow to produce blocks of good quality and big dimension.

The diamond-wire technology and the hydraulic perforation are the basis of our process.